What Our Customers Say

“Highly recommend! Kyle is awesome, and especially with my 10 year old son! He was patient and answered every one of Cams questions, which easily numbered in the hundreds. You have no idea how excited this little man was when he brought that first big largemouth bass in the boat. What a wonderful experience!

Tony - Winterville, NC


“We've fly fished out west for years and wondered how WNC would compare? With Justin and Fontana Guides, I can truly say it was exceptional in every way. Justin taught us so much about fishing this area and put us on loads of fish and several that rivaled the pigs out west! I would highly recommend fishing with them and can't wait to refer my friends and family. Selfishly though, I can't wait to bring my boys back and explore the many abundant waters again. Thanks Justin and Kyle and look forward to fishing with you guys for years to come. God bless and tight lines!!”

Blake & Reid - Raleigh, NC


“For the best fishing in North Carolina with a local guide, hit up Fontana Guides. Great guides, great fishing!”

Billy - Atlanta, GA


“Normally I dislike fishing because I lose bait, and tangle the line, but Kyle from Fontana Guides actually made my fishing trip fun! He must have an ability to speak to fish because we continuously caught fish my entire trip. I've already scheduled my trip for later this year, and I can't wait to get back! I highly recommend Fontana Guides. I had an awesome time!”

Matt - Rockingham, NC


“I've gone on three guided trips with Fontana Guides. The first a boating trip on Fontana lake with friends. We literally had the "monster" large mouth bass lined up to take our bate. Had a blast! The second and third trips were river trips with my 10 year old son. The guide did such an excellent job with my son-teaching him to cast, how to hook the fish, how to handle the fish, and teaching him about the types of fish in the river. My son is now a life long lover of fishing and keeps asking about our next trip. I grew up fishing on and off with some success. After fishing with Fontana Guides I now realize fishing with experts makes a huge difference. Every time with these guys we have caught HUGE fish. I highly recommend!”

Kevin & Aaron- Franklin, NC


"We certainly had a great time! We were impressed with Kyle’s fishing knowledge and how he took care of all of us novice trout fisherman. When we weren't getting the results he wanted he switched up the tackle to make sure we all got some action, and based on the pictures we did! It was really cool when I reeled in that monster trout and even cooler when Lizzie reeled in a bigger one, she was so excited and had a great experience as well! It helped having a really cute fishing guide she said, lol…Thanks again and we highly recommend Kyle and Fontana Guides for anyone who wants to have an excellent fishing experience while visiting the Fontana Lake area in North Carolina.”

The Noe Family - Stuart, FL


"During our recent visit to the Bryson City area we had the pleasure of working with Kyle Fronrath with Fontana Guides. We were very impressed with Mr. Fronrath's knowledge in his field, his professionalism and determination and effort in helping us to target and catch the types of fish we sought after. Additionally, we found his prices to be reasonable compared to other guides we researched. We had a very successful fishing experience thanks to Mr. Fronrath and we will definitely use this very pleasant gentleman the next time we return to this area.

Jeff & Sue - Tarpon Springs, FL


"My wife and I scheduled a sunset tour with Fontana Guides for the first time last year. Kyle was unbelievably accommodating and even allowed us to bring our French Bulldogs on the boat. Everything was perfect…very nice and clean boat, we visited all of the beautiful parts of the lake, and Kyle went to great lengths to make sure that we were comfortable in every way during our tour. We scheduled another sunset tour again this year. Whether it is visiting Bryson City for the first time or as a repeat visitor, a sunset tour with Fontana Guides should not be missed.

Scott & Kim - Raleigh, NC


"We caught fish from the first cast to the last, literally!! First cast 19" Brown, last cast 14" Rainbow, with many in between!! Fontana Guides is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and priced very reasonable. Would definitely recommend to friends. We will be back to explore some of the other trips Fontana Guides has to offer!”

Nick & Michelle - Louisville, Kentucky


"We had a wonderful morning with Kyle! He took great care with my little guy and made sure he had a great time! My son already wants to know when he can see Kyle again! Thanks so much for putting up the pictures. I would highly recommend Fontana Guides to anyone looking for the real deal!

Wendy - Durham, NC


"Fontana Guides is 1st class! My son and I used this service. Kyle is a great guide that can put you on some fish. This is one of North Carolina's best 3 day weekends you can have. Book Kyle Fronrath for fishing and stay at his father Robin's Lands Creek Log Cabins in Bryson City. Many of the cabins are right beside a large mountain stream. Look them up, AWESOME!. If you need a break from the fast lane I suggest you contact Kyle with Fontana Guides. We were very pleased.”

Doug - Winston Salem, NC


"We had an incredible family fishing trip with Kyle Fronrath in North Carolina. He was one of the most knowledgeable and courteous guides I have ever fished with. We caught a bunch of rainbows, browns, and brooks. My family feels like we added a new friend to the family. We enjoyed every minute we spent with him. Kyle, Thank you for being gracious and such a great educator of your sport, environment, ethics, and conservation! Thanks Kyle!"

Derek Redwine - Creative Director - BDOutdoors.com


"We had an absolute blast! We both agreed that it was our best fishing experience ever. I really appreciated getting into some big fish. Thanks again for a great experience!"

Jason G. & Rick N. - Fort Worth, TX


"Fontana Guides is the hands down choice for any fishing adventure in Western North Carolina. Kyle's fishing ability is scary good. Be prepared to catch fish and have a good time!"

Dezarn Family - Franklin, NC


"We have had amazing fishing trips! Kyle Fronrath of Fontana Guides is great with kids, and always goes the extra mile to make sure everybody has an awesome fishing experience. His expertise of the local waters combined with his genuine caring attitude and patience will allow you and your family to make memories you will never forget!"

The Blakely Family - Franklin, NC


Excellent day with Captain Kyle. He knows the lake, knows the fish, and how to catch them. I'd highly recommend Fontana Guides, whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner like me.

John - Anne Arbor, Michigan


“If you love the peacefulness and serenity of the outdoors, then this is what you are looking for. My wife and I are honeymooning in the area and decided to give this a try. We love to fish but trout is not an option where we live. This was our first time fly fishing and, as challenging as it was, the experience and service was amazing! Although we didn't catch quite as many as we would have liked, we saw plenty of rainbows and browns and our catch was right on par with our experience level. Kyle was easy to get in touch with and answered all of our questions. Justin, our guide, was so much more than we could have hoped for. He was very experienced and was able to teach us newbies some techniques and get us fishing quickly. He was very patient despite the few snagged trees and lost flies from our errant casts. Overall, we had a blast giving something new a try and taking in the beautiful scenery of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with great company. We even got to see a few elk on the way back to the car, which apparently one bull thought we were just a little too close and got our hearts pumping for a minute. We will definitely be back to vacation here and I'll be giving these guys a call to do it all again! Thanks Justin for helping my wife and I make some memories we'll never forget.”

Greg - Atlanta, GA


“What an awesome time with Kyle and Justin. My son Louie, nephew Jon, and I booked a Lake Fontana trip with Kyle in the hot month of August 2014. He did his best and got us on to some fish. Kyle is extremely professional, courteous, knowledgable, and his gear is top notch. I highly recommend him. I booked a trophy trout trip to Cherokee with Justin along with my son Louie and nephew Jon. We are very novice fly fisherman. Justin was extremely helpful and patient. He put us all on to some trophy trout on the fly (I got a twenty incher) and we had a great time. I highly recommend him.”

Louie - Charlotte, NC


The location is perfect, scenery is amazing! Kyle was a great guide and put us in great spots to catch fish! We are looking forward to working with him again when we come back!

Mark - Charlotte, NC


“Had a great time today on the water with Kyle! Seen more big bass than I ever have! Thanks for everything!”

Brandon - Polkton, NC


“We had two great trips with Kyle. One on the river for trout and one on the lake for bass. Had great success both times and made for a very memorable trip. We had a ton of fun and we will definitely be returning for some more great fishing with fontana guides.

Joe - Virginia Beach, VA


“My husband Steven and I had an awesome time on our fishing trip with Kyle. He was so friendly and patient with us and the results did not disappoint! We can't wait to come back again next year! Thanks Kyle!”

Amy - Charlotte, NC


Magical evening fishing with Kyle.. loved every second of it and 20 fish netted too ! Cant recommend it enough ! We will be back next season to double our tally ! Thanks again to the man with the know-how Kyle... Cheers.”

Adrian - Ireland


“My father Paul and I ended a 5k mile cross country road trip with a two day guided fishing session with Kyle. We couldn't have been happier with our two days on the water! We caught so many fish, so many different species and Kyle was such a knowledgable and pleasant guide to work with. Equipment was top notch. Can't recommend Kyle and Fontana Guides enough! We will certainly be back for more trout and also the upcoming bass season.”

Jeremy - Arlington, VA


“Awesome time with Kyle and Fontana Guides. Had a blast learning the fishing techniques of the area. Great times and would definitely recommend you to anyone. Caught quite a few fish to make the trip well worth it!”

A.J. - Miami, FL


My fiancé and I came to western NC for the trout fishing. We have returned to western NC because of Fontana Guides! Justin has put us on the fish both times, including this last time when I caught a really nice brown and completed the Tuck Slam. If you have any thoughts of going to Western NC or anywhere around it, let them guide you on an unbelievable experience. Also, my fiancé had never been trout fishing and the patience these guys show while instructing is great, so beginners young and old, will love it. Thanks Fontana Guides!

Marcus - Gwinnett, GA


“Very knowledgeable and patient with beginners!

Jordan - Greenville, NC


Took a pontoon boat tour & loved it. Will definitely be back for fishing :)”

Jenni - Charlotte, NC


“First class fishing! If you love fishing and love to be surrounded by nothing but nature while doing it, Fontana Guides are the guys to go with. Kyle had us hooking up with trophy size fish on the hour everyday for three days straight in three different fishing habitats! Pontoon lake fishing, Jackson kayak bass fishing, and wading a river to find the monsters the trip was a blast. From monster river smallmouth to Fontana Lake largemouth Fontana Guides will find you the fish in the heart of the Smokies.

Adam - Charlotte, NC


“Absolutely wonderful. Kyle is a complete professional and knows everything to get you big fish. Highly recommended.”

Kevin - Westerville, Ohio


Had another great day fishing with Fontana Guides! Thanks to Justin and Kyle. I love the Tuck, but I think I want to see what Lake Fontana is all about on our 3rd trip... I want to feel a bass on a fly rod!”

Clay - Auburn, AL


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