Fontana Guides is proud to offer a wide variety of guided fishing and touring trips. Rates vary and depend upon many factors including time of year, number of people, type of trip, etc. Simply contact us by phone or email for rates.


Tipping Your Guide

A gratuity for your guide is greatly appreciated. When you book with Fontana Guides, we promise you that your guide will do everything in his power to make your trip a rewarding and memorable experience. Our guides work hard for their tips, and just like a restaurant, a 15-25% gratuity is customary.


Catch & Release Only

All of our guided fishing trips are catch & release only. Due to the high volume of trips we guide each year, the only way to be fair to all of our clients and keep catch rates high is to establish this policy. Nature has its limits, and the continuation of our prolific sport fishery here in the Great Smoky Mountains will depend upon more anglers choosing to practice catch & release. It is our job to put you into contact with the highest number of fish possible. We have taken action to insure that occurs.



We are an independent guide service, and do not have a storefront. We have a variety of different access points and boat ramps that we use throughout the year for all of the guided trips that we offer. Your guide will always provide you with directions to a meeting location upon the reservation of your trip.


All Trips Are Private

All of the trips that we offer are private. We never mix different parties or groups of people. With the addition of your guide, the party that you book your trip with at the time of your reservation will be the same people you are with on the day of your trip.


Know your limits

Fishing in The Great Smoky Mountains is a rewarding and enjoyable activity. The majority of our trips are very user-friendly and great for all skill levels. However, it can get strenuous and demanding at times. This is especially true for our Guided Kayak and Wade & Walk River Trips. Make sure you are honest with yourself regarding your physical ability when choosing a trip. When in doubt, contact us for details before booking a trip.


Cameras & Photos

Think twice about bringing that expensive camera or cell phone. During our guided fishing trips you may encounter wet and unpredictable conditions. If you do decide to bring a non-waterproof camera or cell phone, make sure you have some way to protect it from the elements. Your guide will always have a waterproof camera on your trip to make sure you capture a high quality photo to remember that trophy catch!



Access to restroom facilities can be hit-or-miss depending on the location of your trip. It is best to count on no access to public restroom facilities.




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