Reservation Policies

Catch & Release Only

All of our guided fishing trips are catch & release only. Due to the high volume of trips we guide each year, the only way to be fair to all of our clients and keep catch rates high is to establish this policy. Nature has its limits, and the continuation of our prolific sport fishery here in the Great Smoky Mountains will depend upon more anglers choosing to practice catch & release. It is our job to put you into contact with the highest number of fish possible. We have taken action to insure that occurs.



A 50% deposit and credit card hold is required to reserve your trip. We will gladly refund your deposit if you cancel your fishing trip at least 14 days in advance. A cancellation fee of $50 will be issued, but may be used as a credit towards a future trip. This credit is valid for one year. Your billing information will be shredded after complete payment is received.



If you cancel within 14 days of your scheduled fishing trip, your deposit will not be refunded. Any credit applied towards a rescheduled trip will be at the sole discretion of Fontana Guides. Due to the time and effort we invest in preparing for your fishing trip, a cancellation inside of 7 days preceding your scheduled trip, or failure to arrive on the scheduled day of your trip, will not result in a refund of any kind, and you will be charged for the full rate of your trip that was agreed upon initial reservation. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE HAVE NO ABILITY TO BOOK OTHER TRIPS IF WE ARE NOT NOTIFIED OF YOUR CANCELLATION IN A TIMELY MANNER. Refunds will not be made. The reservation of a trip acknowledges that the fishermen accept and understand our policies. IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN OF YOUR ABILITY TO KEEP A SCHEDULED RESERVATION PLEASE DO NOT BOOK IT.



The weather in The Great Smoky Mountains is unpredictable. Inclement weather does not automatically result in the cancellation of your trip, as it can often make for great fishing. We fish in all weather conditions, rain or shine. WEATHER CANCELLATIONS WILL BE AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF FONTANA GUIDES. We will be glad to reschedule your trip if there is lightning or the river or lake conditions are deemed unsafe or unfishable.




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